Monday, September 11, 2017

The Spear and The Lion of Truth

In 1985 I began a correspondence with a woman named Linda Dice. Linda lived in Elgin, Illinois and she taught what she called the British Hereditary Tradition. We corresponded for a few years, with her sending me information via letter. There was no internet back then. Everything was hand written or typed. I've been going through Oakmist's history lately - feeling the need to document it for one of my students whose 2nd Year Plan includes becoming the Tradition historian.  I've been reading files, letters, scanning documents and photos. My letters from Linda have come to be a treasure as I am looking back over them.

In one letter of January 4, 1986, Linda gave some very good advice, when I told her of some blowback over the idea of starting my own Tradition:

"Dear Deborah,

The thing to keep in mind when confronted by someone who tries to tell you how wrongly you are doing things, is that this person is, deep down inside, insecure. People know instinctively when something is "right," just as they know when something isn't ringing true.  They know the path they are on is, in reality, a blind alley, but they often feel they have too much time, effort, and (quite often) expense tied up in their current course.  But once the truth is stated ... it becomes as the Spear of Truth the God is given!  

... Truth can be the greatest ally or the worst enemy.  And when Light is shed on something the person knows is shabby, well, it makes it appear just that much worse. 

No one relishes disillusionment and no one wants to look like a fool.  When people find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance, they react in one of two ways 

1) by withdrawing from the person whose words strike deep, make them feel duped, therefore inferior, or 

2) by trying to "turn the tables" so to speak.  Silence YOU so they won't have to hear more of the truth; and also, by silencing you, they can say, "I've won! See!  I was right all along.  My path wasn't incorrect, her's was which is why she couldn't win."

You can't allow yourself to be on the defensive with this sort." 

I thank you Linda, wherever you are, for your wisdom and guidance. From across the years and miles, you've given me what I most needed to hear today.

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