Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pulling the Carrots

This year, I pulled my carrots on August 3.
What came up were the weirdest carrots I've ever seen.
I baptized them "Fukushima Carrots!"
I laughed as I showed them to Aldebaran, my HP.
"Look at these!"  I said, 
"They're all two and three-legged, twisted and deformed!"
Only one of four carrots were straight.

A couple of days later, 
Aldebaran reminded me of my post about carrots
on my blog about Foghar.
I have to admit, sometimes my mind is so cluttered with thought,
I forget what I've already written.
Here it is.

The Eve of St. Michael is the eve of bringing in the carrots, 
baking the Struan, killing the lamb, and stealing of the horses.

A few days before the festival,
 the women and girls go to the fields and plains to pull carrots. 
They must be pulled, not dug.  
If the soil is too hard, a space is dug into the earth next to the carrot 
to give the hand access to the root. 
The space is made in the form of an equal-sided triangle, 
technically called torcan. 
A 3-pronged mattock is used. 

Each woman intones a rune to her own tune and time 
irrespective of those around her.  
Examples might be:

"Torcan fruitful, fruitful, fruitful,
Joy of carrots surpassing upon me.
Michael the brave endowing me,
Bride the fair be aiding me.

Progeny pre-eminent over every progeny, 
Progeny on my womb.
Progeny pre-eminent over every progeny, 
Progeny on my progeny.

If a woman finds a forked carrot, 
she breaks out into a happier strain 
that brings all her neighbors to see and admire her luck!

"Fork joyful, joyful, joyful,
 Fork of great carrot to me,
Endowment of carrot surpassing upon me,
Joy of great carrot to me!"

There is much rivalry among the women 
who shall have the best and most carrots. 
The carrots are washed and tied in small bunches 
with 3-ply thread, 
usually scarlet.


I chuckled when I received Aldebaran's email.
That man has a memory like an elephant!

I think this year, I would have won the prize
for the best and most deformed carrots!
One thing is for sure,
I'm going to have a boatload of luck
in the coming year!

Did I tie those carrots up with 3 ply thread?
I chopped them up and added them to my soup!

Boy, they were good!

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