Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's almost February, 
and time to set up our Bride altar!

Setting up your altar for Bride
can be a ritual all in itself.
Do some meditating on this lovely Goddess
before you begin.
Then begin your search for items
that will make an appropriate altar.

Remember to use objects and colors 
that remind us of Spring, 
of the returning Sun, of the LIGHT!

Set your Bride Altar up in the Eastern Quarter
whenever possible.
It's even better if it is in front of a window
where you can light a candle
and greet the rising sun each morning.

Your altar cloth can be white, yellow, or gold. 
Make one yourself or buy one on Etsy!
by Frogs Bird House
by Rain Sews
A simple yellow cloth works fine

Candles can be yellow or white. 
Oakmist folks usually use beeswax because of the warmth it lends to the room:

However, beeswax is not mandatory. 
Here is a lovely example of an altar 
using white candles

Flowers can be any early Spring flower;
 snowdrops and daffodils are traditional:


Honeysuckle is a wonderful addition to the altar 
to herald Spring!

Jasmine is good in the CUP as a tea 
as well as being a fragrant addition to the altar.

 A pinch of cinquefoil is good in the incense
as well as being beautiful on the altar.

Dogwood blossoms
Dogwood is wonderful on the altar,
and the dried bark is a good addition
to your Bride incense.
Acorns represent the newborn GOD
and promise growth.

Images can include statues of Brigit

You could also use Lion/Lamb images. 
These can often be found in Christian stores.
The Lion, of course, represents the SUN,
and is a symbol for Lugh.
The lamb represents the season of lambing 
and lamb's milk
associated with Brigit.
Choosing such an image with double meaning
is a great choice 
if you have family, friends, or neighbors
who may be offended or frightened 
by an otherwise pagan altar.

Appropriate stones might be 
white, clear quartz, or yellow.
Citrine, buttery amber, or sparkly amber 
are perfect choices for your Brigit Altar.

Pale blue stones are also appropriate.
Celestite is a good stone for this time of year.

Bride is also a fire and smith goddess,
so don't be afraid to add RED to the altar 
if it pleases you.

Photo from
Lastly, you might want to add a blessing.
You can find many online to print out.
Here are a few I liked:

 Here are examples of some Imbolc
and Bride altars I found online:
I love the use of cards on greyladyshearth's altar, 
of the simplicity of it, of the live plants.
The red pillar candles on this altar 
give it just the right amount of color.
Litchenwood's altar 
is yellow and blue and white.
Craftychick has put seeds and crystals on her altar.
This altar is set up for ritual.
Simple, yet elegant.

Altar by oh_fiddlestix
I love the three tiers of this altar.
To me, they represent Triple Bride.
The use of white and green is also stunning.

If you do a search on Google 
for Imbolc Altar 
or Brighid/Bride/Brigit Altar, 
you will find hundreds of lovely examples.
You are only bound by your own imagination.

Are you in the desert?
Make your Bride's cross 
from sun-bleached bones or sticks.

Are you near the sea?
Look for golden colored glass 
or white seashells.
Make your cross from seaweed!

In the end 
your altar can be as simple or as intricate as you like.
The point is that you are taking the time 
and making the effort
to honor the Goddess and to help with
the Turning of the Wheel.
And that, in itself, is all that is needed.

Go outside now.
Find what you need
and build your altar.
Have fun!

Blessed Bride!
Rowan of Oakmist

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