Friday, November 22, 2013

GIVE BACK This Yule - Luke 6:38

Not everything in the Bible is wrong.
You have to read it carefully.

Luke had it right.
We receive the greatest gifts in life when we GIVE.

Last month, my son won some type of contest and was offered free subscriptions, and he subscribed to several he thought I would like.  Honestly, there isn't usually much I'm interested in popular magazines.

There was ONE article, however,  in this month's Oprah, I found worthwhile.
It was entitled "Right on the Money" and was 18 meaningful ways to spread the wealth this season.

I'm often trying to figure out ways to contribute to society - it's difficult for me to volunteer at agencies or homes because of my MCS. I can't be inside public buildings or other people's homes for long. So I really liked many of the options offered.

Here is portion of the list:

1.  HRC seeks to improve the lives of LGBT Americans by advocating for equal rights and benefits in the workplace.  Help send an anti-bullying DVD produced by the LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign Foundation to an elementary school teacher.  Go to  $5

2. Pay the shipping costs for ten gently used children's books to children in rural Africa. Go to  $5

3. Buy a sustainable bamboo-handled toothbrush through Smile Squared, and the organization will give another to a needy child in one of 20 countries around the world.  Go to  $6

4.  Supply energy bars and bottled water to disabled veterans training for hand cycle races. Go to  $10

5. Replace a potentially toxic kerosene lantern in one of 27 countries worldwide with a rechargeable solar lantern.  Go to  $15

6. Contribute to the construction of a new well, pipeline, or purification system in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, or the Caribbean.  Go to  $20

7.  Provide a puppy kit for a new service dog.  Go to  $25

8.  Buy a bee hive for a rural family in one of more than 40 countries, including the USA.  There are many other animals that you can give!  $30

9.  Pick up the tab for delivery of one instrument that will be donated to an underfunded school or music program.  $50

10. Cover one year of medical expenses - including vaccines, sanitary napkins, and dental care - for an aspiring female student in a developing country like Nepal, so she can attend school regularly and be the first in her family to graduate secondary school  $55

11.  Plant 100 trees that can produce staple foods in one of the world's rural communities  $60

12.  Protect one mile of the Appalachian Trail for 24 days by picking up transportation and equipment costs for volunteers who gather trash and care for flora along the trail  $80

13.  Help grant a terminally ill adult's wish  $100

And MY favorite charity is OPERATION SMILE!  This charity provides free surgeries to children with cleft lip and cleft palates.  It is absolutely life-changing for these children!  There are many ways to give, from monthly to one-time donations. $25 buys a feeding bottle. $50 buys an IV Starter Kit. And $250 buys a child the surgery for a brand new smile!

Feel free to add your favorite charity to the comment section. Be sure to list the website.


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