Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Deposits of Samhain by Aldebaran

This is an essay by Aldebaran about the work to be done with Ancestors 
on Samhain and throughout the year. 
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Deposits of Samhain

In ceremonial work, a primary goal of the OM training is for each student to achieve a personal resonnance with the observed rhythms and cycles of both Nature on earth, and the stars and bodies of the Heavens.  We recognize the fundamental characteristics of Nature and  the Heavens are commonly shared; that they are essentially good, true and beautiful; and that these qualities are consequently reflected in degrees by all who base a life in harmony with these rhythms and cycles.  Since these characteristics are fundamental both on Earth and in the Heavens, we assert they are accessible to all of us--and that for humans a choice must be made to seek them in both worlds in order to unveil, recognize, and assimilate them in their depth.

Our personal alignment with these rhythms and cycles depends directly upon our discovery and acceptance of the first fact:  the Big Bang which initiated the Universe was the sound of laughter and not the sound of a curse; we come from joy, not sorrow.

There is no sustainable balance of goodness, truth or beauty to be found in the everyday  life until one admits that, yes it was laughter, elation and joy which created the worlds and even now continues to maintain and transform them--even to the very  sign upon your door.  And this same balance cannot be carried over into our life on the other side unless we leave this world with the same poignant notes of laughter, joy and gratitude passing through breathless lips.

Those who have passed without breathing a final breath as an echo of joy are among the very same who reach out to us the living with pleas, hints and innuendos to be wary, and to learn to live the lesson which they did not.  When one of us hears and understands and engages in deeper conversation with the one beyond, we can assist in the re-balancing and truer alignment of the one who speaks to us. How effective we are at this depends upon the depth of our understanding of these rhythms and cycles.  Hence one important aspect of regular and attentive practice of the ceremonial.

For one who leaves the earth with a curse falling from their lips, there is an ever-present  pressing need over-riding all other things held in mind-- the obsession to take away the cursing words, as though they had never been spoken or thought, and to un-do the malacious and hurtful impacts that their words had made upon those whom the curse was laid, and any others who may have witnessed it.  This obsession  is so because of the first fact, the dominant key of the laughing big bang which reverberates relentlessly in our bodies and in the minds of the departed, and drives them, and us, like an innate hunger to align once again with the initiating sound of life.

What we the living do here to acknowledge and assist in the reversal of an error such as this, is the ground, water and sunlight upon the seed of the lost one who wishes to be found.  Yet, when we callously revel and glory in recalling the audacity and anger of the one who leaves with a curse, we drown and scorch the seed which our departed would now rather have us nurse. For the old defiant and vindictive note which defined their past life is now cancelled out and overwhelmed by the subtle waves of joy, gratitude and noble purpose within which they now live and move and  have their being.  Across the veil they wait and hope to be somehow remembered with clear-headed sympathy and a recognition that something needs to be done to make things right.

For especially in the instance of cursing one person for the deeds of some other person, we suffer the most terrible pains of guilt and remorse, pains the departed have no limbs, senses, or agents with which  to make a kind of resitution and thereby free themselves from the torment--no agents, except for us, the living.  The torment of knowing that you have assaulted the integrity and self-worth of an innocent one with your last breath is a burden that grows heavier with every pain and self-doubt the innocent one must live with the rest of their lives.  And those suffer also who might have once  received comfort from the one who has been unjustly maligned, who now shrinks from involvement due to the sting of a stranger’s deathbed  curse.  The pain and suffering of these third parties too are heaped upon the head of the one who uttered the curse.

What can the living do to help re-align these souls with the rhythms and cycles that generate goodness, truth and beauty?   Go to the altar, and chide your ancestor, the child of eternity, for misbehaving so miserably from time to time--and do not forget to admit the gravity of their trials, to praise them for the glimmers of true remorse, and thank them for all that they once did to bring you yourself into this world--even if they did it poorly.  In order to leave this world in balance with the rhythms and cycles of what is, we must leave with wondrous tears of joy, laughter and gratitude.  If while we live on earth we cultivate the habit of learning these things and train to act here accordingly, would it be possible to leave in any other way?  And then upon our reunion should the ancestor still need help along the way, they will have us to guide them home.

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