Monday, October 21, 2013

The Gifts of the Magi

Alchemy uses a secret language, and over time, I've accumulated a list of terms used in alchemical texts. I thought it might be interesting to toss some of these out to you and get your comments.

When they say (XYZ), they mean (xyz):

THE MAGICAL AGENT:  The First Matter

THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, THE STONE OF THE WISE, THE HIDDEN STONE:  Things made by the Great Work; a transmuted and perfected state of human personality

THE LABORATORY:  The Alchemist's body

THE SECRET VESSELS:  The organs of the body

ATHANOR:  The human body or organism

SATURN:  The sacral plexus

MARS:  Prostatic ganglion

SUN:  Cardiac plexus

VENUS:  Pharyngeal plexus

MOON:   Cavernous ganglion/pituatary

MERCURY: Pineal gland

Where have you seen these terms used before and what do they mean to you?
How do they relate to the Tarot Keys (major arcana).
How might they related to magical spells?


We recently heard the story of Jesus' birth again.
What were the gifts the Magi brought to the child?
What do you think those gifts REALLY mean, alchemically?
(Hint: Look up their names in Arabic)

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