Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dancing in the Rain!

I've been reviewing my B.O.T.A. lessons each morning, pouring over old lessons from years past, trying to glean the jewels.  I have taken a break since last spring - and now I am ready to pick up the lessons again, but I felt a review was in order.  It's been an adventure, reading things I had forgotten, having awesome "oh yeah!" moments.  I love these lessons and encourage anyone who is interested in progressing to take the 13 years of coursework.  You can find them at

This morning, I took a long look at The Magician card in the Tarot Fundamental coursework.  In the B.O.T.A. course, this card represents Self Consciousness, the transformer. It speaks of the fundamental magic practice as being CONCENTRATION and of our body as being the fundamental tool.  This is Magic 101, right? But how quickly we can forget it!

Over my lifetime the one thing I've consistently learned is that we create our own reality. Someone once said, "If you say you CAN, or if you say you CANNOT, you are right!" and that has proven true for me, again and again.

When I say we create our own reality, what exactly does that mean?
The lesson lays it out simplistically.

First, we formulate seed ideas by our WORDS.  "I'm so happy!" or  "I'm so sad!" or "I'm so angry!" or "I'm so fat!" or "That person hates me!" or "I'm useless" or "I am a great artist!" or  "That person is (fill in the blank)" or "I feel like crap" or "I'm getting better every day!" or ... well.. you get the picture.

Next, Subconsciousness accepts these suggestions and elaborates on them by the process of deductive reasoning.  "I ache all over therefore I must be dying" OR "My body is intelligent and wants to function properly, therefore I know I must be getting better every day!"

Subconsciousness then carries out modifications of your mental and emotional attitudes:

"Oh, NO!  I'm dying!  I'm so depressed! There is just no hope. What will I do? I better tell everyone I know how crappy I feel. At least I'll get some sympathy. Then I can wallow in it. Nature must be working against me. The whole world just sucks if this is really what life is all about. I'm just going to curl up in a ball and die. Nobody cares. Nobody loves me. I'm pitiful. I'll just go into the garden and eat worms."


"I believe I can feel better. I've done it before and I can do it again! My body is a miraculous bundle of intelligence that knows how to heal itself. I BELIEVE I can get better! There are things I can do to help my body heal. I can eat better foods. I can exercise and move, and make the blood flow so it will carry away the toxins. I can smile instead of frown. I can find things to be grateful for. I can watch comedies that make me laugh and by doing all these things, my body finds it easier to heal and I know that even though some days will be difficult, in the end, I AM getting better!"

Last, based on those mental and emotional images and attitudes, your bodily function and structure CHANGES into the thing you have created... whether positive or negative.

The story you tell is the way your life unfolds.

If you don't like what you are or what your life is,
then tell a NEW story and watch things change.

It's all about attitude.

Here is the example given in the lesson:

Two people wake up to find it is raining. The first person gives attention to unhappy associations and expectations connected with rain. He will think how dreary the sky looks. He will cringe from getting wet. He will stimulate subconscious processes associated with depression and hopelessness. It will have a deleterious effect on his bodily condition as well as emanating forces which make for poor relationship with his environment.

The second person gives attention to happy associations and expectations connected with rain.  He sees the rain washing the faces of the flowers and trees. He rejoices that the plants are drinking from the water of Life and that the condisions for the sustenance of all creatures is herein provided.  As he goes outdoors, his heart is lifted in gratitude to the gods. The raindrops caress his cheeks. He is stimulating subconscious processes associated with richness and joy and it will have a healing effect on his bodily condition.

The second person is emanating a force, the SAME force,
but in this case it brings harmony and fulfillment.

Which person are YOU?

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